T’was the Morning of Easter

I wrote this Easter poem for my kids when they were younger.

T’was a cool, still morning, the first Sunday of Spring,
Wren stirred and did yoga, her normal routine.
To her perch, she flew with a bright, clear whistle
The morning still gray like the down of a thistle.

When down in the grass there came a quiet rustle
Wren sprang from her perch to see what was the hustle
To the dogwood she flew with wind in her sail
and balanced on a branch with a flick her tail

The sun, sitting low in the dark brought first light
Glowing and warming, to the stars said “goodnight”
Then what did Wren’s curious eyes fall upon
But a sneaky little bunny with a basket on the lawn

His basket had eggs filled with treats so yummy
Wren knew it had to be the Easter Bunny
He was a jolly old hare, fur white and nose pink
And it twitched as he sniffed, then he gave a quick wink

Then off through the yard, he hid eggs here and there
He even hid one in a clump of dog hair.
More sneaky than Kitty, the eggs did he hide
And he whispered and worried over placement with pride;

He hid all the eggs: pinks, oranges, and greens
From the doormat by the door, to the bikes, and the stair
He hid them! He hid them! He hid them everywhere!

And then, in a moment, the Bunny was gone
Eggs stashed in spots across the whole lawn
In the grass, in the tree, some obvious, some hidden
He was off in a flash, hiding eggs he was bidden.

The sun, climbing higher, gave the scene a pink tint
But the yard was quiet, of that Bunny, no hint.
The cool morning air, sweet with flowers and dew
Brought thoughts of warm days, no clouds, sky blue.

A creak and click, someone whispered, someone giggled
Wren hopped and turned, the branch swayed, her tail wiggled
Two children, inside, eyes wide, bodies tense
held back and waiting, stretching far their patience

Eggs sat in plain sight and hinted at more
What goodies could be hidden, what else was in store?
The dreams of a hunt lit their faces – they looked funny
Eyes wide, minds racing at thoughts of that Bunny

They tore through the yard, tired parents in tow
and found all those eggs, their faces aglow,
and on the wind a gentle voice took wing,
“Happy Easter to all and to all a good spring!”