Water Hazard

Water Hazard is my first novel. I’m currently querying agents to get the publishing ball rolling. Here it is:

A small logging town under the shadow of Mount Rainier
December 2006
Twelve days before winter break

Cal’s junior year of high school is really starting to suck. Oscar is the only friend still talking to him, Chemistry is seriously kicking his butt, and now his favorite teacher is dead. They say suicide, but Cal knows it was murder — of course, nobody listens to him anymore.

A year ago, the cops gave up on his dad’s unsolved murder. Cal spent most of that year doing the yelling thing, then the community-service thing, and finally the anger-management-counseling thing. Now he just wants to do the moving-on thing, but the world won’t leave him alone. It’s like the worst merry-go-round ever, but Cal isn’t giving up this time. Justice won’t slip away again.

Oscar, and the super-cool new girl, Angel, join Cal to investigate the suspicious circumstances around their teacher’s death. As they pull back the veil over the town, they uncover the little town’s dark secrets: a spell keeping everyone complacent, an FBI agent who can read minds and alter memories, and an ancient, tentacled horror living under the golf course. After everything else, now Cal has to save the world, too? WTF, world?

At least he got to meet Angel. If they survive, maybe he can ask her out for coffee.